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We have been serving the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding areas with a joyful heart and with the highest quality. Because of our high level of experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our warranty.

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There have been hail storms in the Metroplex this year. Equity Kingdom Roofing and Construction offers free inspections. Let us examine your roof to determine if there is hail damage. We are also able to meet with your insurance adjuster when he comes and we will discuss your roof with him. 

Especially if there has been a recent storm with wind, hail, or lightning, it may be time to get a professional opinion on the condition of your roof.

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Why Choose Us

We have had many years of experience with our own properties and buildings we have built and managed that have shown us the need for quality roofs and construction that will last many years. We provide free estimates and are very familiar with working with insurance companies to provide you with an experience that relieves you of stress and concerns.

Qualified Expert

Our staff has had many years of experience and satisfied customers.

Insurance Experience

Our owner and principals have worked for decades with insurance coverage and can assist you.

Workmanship Quality

It takes an experienced professional to provide the high-quality results you want.

Timely Results

We realize that time if of the essence with your roof to find a resolution to your situation.

Experienced Staff

We have had both training and personal experience solving many construction problems.

Above and Beyond

We believe it is important to go the extra mile. We want to see you pleased and satisfied.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“I was so impressed with the level of service I received from both Equity Kingdom Roofing. They’ve been around the block so many times that they were able to prevent me from making what would have been multiple mistakes, had I been running the operation myself. I am amazed at how the worked so well with the insurance claim adjuster, and someone was always able to answer all my questions. The day of the actual work went so quickly and so well. I’m very happy with everything they did for us.”

Eddie C.
I didn’t realize how much hail damage there was on the roof of my rental house until the claim adjuster met with the rep from Equity Kingdom Roofing and went up on a ladder and examined it. They said when there is hail damage, the missing granules cause the roof to start to deteriorate faster! I was so happy to not only have the work done, but to have so much help in figuring out how to deal with the insurance company. Initially the insurance was going to pay very little, because they thought the old roof was completely depreciated. The claims coordinator for Equity Roofing helped and showed them that the roof was not nearly as old as they thought, and he helped me get everything covered except for my deductible! I was so happy; I’m having them look at the rest of the roofs on my other rentals.
I went to my insurance company directly. When I got turned down by my insurance company for a new roof, Equity Kingdom Roofing stepped in and helped me by going back to the insurance company and getting approval for a new roof. The quality of work was awesome. They finished it in seven hours. They cleaned up the property and their services were magnificent. I highly recommend this company. Thank you again, Equity Kingdom Roofing and Construction.
New Construction Phase 1
New Construction Phase 2
New Construction Phase 3
New Construction Final
Wow - I'm so happy I found Equity Kingdom Roofing. I didn't have to do any work once I signed the contract with Equity Kingdom. The quality of the work was excellent, they finished in one day, they cleaned up everything perfectly, and I got a warranty. Thank you Equity Kingdom Roofing.
I was having a hard time finding the right roofing company that I was comfortable with, and OMG I met the Equity Kingdom people. I signed a contract with them on Monday and by Saturday they had the roof completed! They did an excellent job, with amazing service, which was fast, efficient, and did a beautiful job and the price was competitive. I highly recommend this company Equity Kingdom. You are the best. Thank you!
Seagoville, Texas



This house was a complete wreck. It appeared that there was no hope for this house. It had foundation problems and both interior and exterior deterioration. Equity Kingdom Construction completely gutted it and created an almost entirely new house. Thank you, Equity Kingdom! I highly recommend this company.
Miss C.

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